Words should be words and time, always time;

If these two are elastic, they aren’t worth a dime.

Words must mean exactly what they are meant to say

And time shouldn’t be allowed to, at the edges, fray.


Being elastic in character is flexibility personified

Imparts a charm that’s under a bushel difficult to hide

Wait! Watch! Careful! Be not a pushover though!

If right and meet, with squared shoulders, say a clear “No”.


Remember, elastic is elastic only when it’s firm and snug.

Think of some of your lingerie or a pair of pants.

What good is it really, if your hips it cannot hug?

Instead, at your waist, you feel a bunch of crawling ants.


So try and be elastic only when it is necessary.

When you can’t, just lie back, sip a glass of sherry.

In this life, it’s impossible to make happy everybody

In the end, it’s best to be genuine, than to be shoddy.

<a href="http://Elastic“>https://knowingheartblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/elastic/Elastic

Author: knowingheartblog

If you stop by my doodlings Know there is no art These are just musings Straight from my heart

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